Plan to roll out Access API rate limits changes on Flow Mainnet starting Wednesday, 8/16


As announced earlier, Access API rate limits on the public access nodes will be revised. These changes have been rolled out to testnet. We would now like to gradually start rolling out these changes to mainnet and wanted to share with you the plan.

Following is how we plan to lower the limits on Flow mainnet.

Rate limits in RPS
API 8/14/2023 (current rate limits) 8/23/2023 8/30/2023 9/6/2023 9/27/2023
SendTransaction 2000 1000 500 50
Aggregate of all ExecuteScript calls which includes - ExecuteScriptAtLastestBlock, ExecuteScriptAtBlockID and ExecuteScriptAtBlockHeight 100 50 25 5
GetEvents 100 50 40 30
Aggregate of all other Get requests e.g. GetBlock, GetCollection etc. 2000 1000 500 100

The limits apply to the gRPC and REST API separately and specify the maximum number of times a unique client IP can call any particular API.

We ask you to ensure that your app’s Access API consumption is configured under these limits and can gracefully handle the ResourceExhausted error returned when exceeded.

If your app needs higher limits, you can spin up your own private Access nodes (setting up a flow access node) or use QuickNode to create a private endpoint.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or comments.

Thank you

As per some community feedback on Discord, the changes to rate limits have been postponed by a week. I have updated the dates accordingly in the original post.