Need your help in beta testing QuickNode endpoints

Hello builders,

The Flow community (public) access nodes will move to QuickNode in the near future. The community endpoints will remain the same, but the access nodes behind the endpoints will be run and maintained by QuickNode. We believe this will help the community access nodes to scale better as the community grows.

However, before the move, we need your help beta testing the QuickNode setup.

QuickNode endpoints have been set up for beta-testing:

We’d love :heart: your help to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible!

Please can you test your testnet and/or mainnet dApp against the QuickNode endpoints to make sure it works as expected?

If you find any issues, please report them here and add the label BetaTesting_QuickNode to the issue. We will make sure the issue is resolved ASAP.

Thanks a lot for your help in beta testing the endpoints!

Flow Team

PS: Example requests that use the QN endpoint:

  1. gRPC example using flow cli
$ flow blocks get latest --host

Block ID a466371fbf6364561ae059a47eeac3be079f1e312b3aae65b2c3c6fb75dfd167

Parent ID b556987391c3940e3f7405e009891700273a8dd54440c7ea5013ad26cd0e5b51

Proposal Timestamp 2023-07-05 19:55:22.930691419 +0000 UTC

Proposal Timestamp Unix 1688586922

Height 109305870

Status Sealed

Total Seals 0

Total Collections 0
  1. REST example using curl

$ curl -X ‘GET’ ‘’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’



“header”: {

“id”: “881c1711d0451672078cbf677b5a2aaa5104eac9f0327ea7a8aed38008e130cb”,

“parent_id”: “e8db0553ec56628ce96288227554383a98ff1c60b5d00653f3a44af7841e4304”,

“height”: “56085026”,

“timestamp”: “2023-07-05T21:25:16.077299141Z”,

“parent_voter_signature”: “+G6KAAAAAAAAAAAAALCwrHUH7SlyR2q+9s/rwoFp0A83CgcHX4ydbx3zv03ued+DyTSjxwA1T9jemm3L5VmAsIy8T23Pedm/L/2YPO+6pFA29T9v5bpWqT1vnBUfr5nxo6e3HUU4TKEPDJQq0mpvlw==”



  1. Web gRPC example using node.js

import * as fcl from "@onflow/fcl"

import { send as transportGRPC } from "@onflow/transport-grpc"


"accessNode.api": "",

"sdk.transport": transportGRPC


const response = await fcl.query({

cadence: `

pub fun main(): Int {

return 1 + 2





$node test_grpcweb.js