Upcoming changes to Access API rate limits on the community Access nodes

Hello developers,

The Flow community is growing! To better support all users, the Access API rate limit on the community access nodes will be revised in the coming weeks. This will help ensure fair usage of the community nodes and make sufficient room to accommodate future growth.

The current rate limits are listed here - Flow Access API rate limits on Dapper Labs Access nodes | Flow Developer Portal.

Following are the revised rate limits.

API Current RPS per client IP Revised RPS per client IP
SendTransaction 2000 50
Aggregate of all ExecuteScript calls which includes - ExecuteScriptAtLastestBlock, ExecuteScriptAtBlockID and ExecuteScriptAtBlockHeight 100 5
GetEvents 100 30
Aggregate of all other Get requests e.g. GetBlock, GetCollection etc. 2000 100

The limits apply to the gRPC and REST API separately and specify the maximum number of times a unique client IP can call any particular API.

With the revised rate limits, we expect no more than 3% of all incoming requests to be rate-limited. The limits will be lowered gradually stepwise over the next few weeks.

We ask you to ensure that your app’s Access API consumption is configured under these limits and can gracefully handle the ResourceExhausted error returned when exceeded.

If your app needs higher limits, you can spin up your own private Access nodes (setting up a flow access node) or use QuickNode to create a private endpoint (https://www.quicknode.com/chains/flow?utm_source=partner&utm_content=flow_one_sheet).

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would need more than a few weeks to make these adjustments.

Thank you,

Flow Team

The cut from 100 to 5 is too aggressive from my pov. We’re also mainly relying on the official rpc nodes, do you think it makes more sense to reduce to 10 instead?

Can we discuss about this a little more? May I know the use case for executing ExecuteScript calls at 10 per second?