Flow Everywhere: HTTP API on Mainnet

The HTTP API on the Access Node has been released on both Testnet and Mainnet.

This API will be offered in addition to the current GRPC endpoints so there will be no breaking changes or adjustments that are needed for your existing dapps.

With the HTTP API on mainnet, we increase access to Flow across all environments, offer better error handling, smaller payload sizes, and much more!

Try it out on testnet or mainnet:

  • You can check out the API documentation here.

Try it locally:

  • Use the Flow CLI version >= v0.31.0 and start the emulator. Set your network configurations to point to the HTTP API that will be available on port 8888 by default.
  • Use any Flow Emulator version >= v0.28.0.

Use it with FCL (in alpha):

All bug reports, comments, concerns, and requests are welcome!
Please file them with [HTTP-API] in the title of the issue: