UFix64 as arg is deprecated but UFix256 not available

Hi Guys,

I am trying to pass UFix64 args ex:

fcl.arg(parseFloat(price), t.UFix64),

Then I get the following message :

@onflow/types Deprecation Notice========================Passing in Numbers as values for Fix64 and UFix64 types is deprecated and will cease to work in future releases of @onflow/types.Find out more here: https://github.com/onflow/flow-js-sdk/blob/master/packages/types/WARNINGS.md#0001-[U]Fix64-as-Number=======================

However, even though using String as recommended in the git WARNINGS.md, or t.Ufix256 as introduced in the newly published FCL docs :

UFix64 fcl.arg("64.123", t.UFix256)

nothing works …

Any Help ?
Thanks a lot!

I just found by my owned

fcl.arg(price.toString(), t.UFix64),

Thought t.String has to be used, but it was the javascript variable that has to be turned toString(), not the argument type