Flow Javascript SDK Typescript?

I’m working on a Next.js Flow dApp, wanting to use Typescript for the codebase, it seems that theres not only no types for the JavaScript SDK, but also not enough documentation on all the functions that the fcl library exports.

Are there plans to migrate the SDK to typescript or at least add in full documentation on all functions?

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There are plans for both. But probably still a little ways away, post v1.0.0 release. We consider FCL and the JS-SDK to still be very much in beta and are changing and updating its internals frequently as we learn more about what it needs to be and what it needs to be able to do. Once it stabilizes, full documentation and typescript support both have a fair bit of priority.

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Okay awesome!

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated

I have opened this PR https://github.com/louisguitton/DefinitelyTyped/pull/1 where I have added typings for most of @onflow/fcl :rotating_light:

Before I open the real PR against the upstream repo, I’d love to get some reviews from the Flow dev community (especially TS devs or FCL devs)

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