Using env/config variables not working in import statements

My config.js file set 3 variables:

  .put("accessNode.api", process.env.REACT_APP_ACCESS_NODE)
  .put("challenge.handshake", process.env.REACT_APP_WALLET_DISCOVERY)
  .put("0xAccount", process.env.REACT_APP_ACCOUNT)   

However the are not accessible from Import statements in fcl.script or fcl.transaction

        import MyContract from 0xAccount   // WILL FAIL -> 0xAccount gives undefined
        pub fun main(): {Address:UInt32} {
            let account = getAccount(0xAccount)   // WILL WORK -> 0xAccount gives my env.local value

Hmm this is interesting, may I ask you what version you’re using for FCL? Pinging @qvvg

Hi Kim :slight_smile:
@onflow/fcl”: “0.0.73”,
@onflow/types”: “0.0.4”

I think something is missing in fcl for switching the variable to the value inside a transaction/script function