Too challenging to open an account

Hi, I’m new to Flow. I think it is a great project and have held tokens on an Exchange for some time now. I am older than most and a little technically challenged. I keep coming back to try an open an account with Flow Port and Ledger but I just cannot seem to get there. I have followed all the guidance but to no avail. Firmware up to date, Flow app installed successfully, chrome shut down and re-opened - you name it, I’ve had a go at everything. I’ve spent literally hours trying. I’m not new to crypto and have numerous other wallets, accounts and tokens which i can operate with ease. I see that many others have suffered similar problems in connecting through ledger. I wish there was an easier solution (or even a video guide) to open flow port that would help others in the same category as me - IE, those of us who are more technically challenged yet would still like to participate. It could be that Flow is missing out on a whole new tranche of network participants by making it too challenging to get started. Whilst I am convinced that Flow will be absolutely brilliant I’m thinking of just selling my tokens and scraping the whole idea simply because i just can’t get started.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: First off, thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you’ve been facing issues with getting Ledger setup. Can you go into detail around where you are getting stuck to see if we can help? I’m assuming you are following all steps outlined here: Flow: Using Ledger Nano with Flow

BTW, if you are comfortable with a semi-custodial wallet experience, you can try using Blocto in the meantime, which is also more fully featured when it comes to interacting with Flow dApps (and of course supports standard wallet functions such as staking and sending/receiving transactions). For non-custodial alternatives to Blocto and Ledger, the Flow community is building a couple non-custodial wallets alternatives, which should be available in the near future.