New to OnFlow and super excited to be here

Greetings ladies & gents,

I’m new to flow, not a dev but somewhat code savvy, amateur hodl’er and overall crypto enthusiast. I’m from the cold country above the US, YUP… you may insert polite maple syrup jokes below! lol…

I’ve come to the forum as I’ve experienced some issues trying to add FLOW to my Ledger Nano X and was hoping for some insights as to how to rectify the matter so that i can get on to stockpiling and hoarding my small amounts of this fantastic project’s tokens.

Happy to talk NFT’s, upcoming releases and all things crypto!

Looking forward to hearing from you all! GO-FLOW!

Hi @DartMcFly welcome :slight_smile:

What seems to be a problem with Ledger?

Hey SideNinja, the rarely recognizes my ledger and as i’m gearing up to stake more FLOW, it would be nice to be able to get in there more easily.

Going over the troubleshooting now but it’s a recurring issue. Would i have to setup a new login each time i try to access the private key? seems a bit illogical if you ask me, but… nonetheless, I’m interested in participating further.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.