Help to stake flow on ledger

Hi everyone

I’m exited to join the flow community.

I tried to stake flow on my ledger and followed the instructions .Epochs, Staking & Delegating on Flow - Flow Documentation

However, When I click Stake& Delegate it says: “An upgrade to your account is needed.”?

Thank you for your help


Is there anyone who can help? I really appreciate your support. Thank you

There was a recent update to flow port to support a more sophisticated and robust method of staking. Every user who uses flow port must perform the upgrade in order to stake, so I would recommend doing the upgrade. :slight_smile:

Does that help?

Hi flowjosh
Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, that helped and staking is completed. One additional question: I want to transfer more flow on port.onflow from an exchange. Am I right that I just enter in the exchange my address. There is no need to klick on “get flow” and then choose from “claim Flow as a backer” or “earn flow as a validator”. What does backer mean? What is that needed for?