Hello, Staking issues! help!

Hello new here,
I’m Isaac and I looked into flow months ago and liked the product so I invested into Flow by staking I believe. When I staked anything I would screen shot the portfolio. I have uploaded photos to show what I mean.

My issue is I cant find the tab or anything to do with the staking/LP on flow. I did back in January. Does flow even offer the function anymore? 3 months later I return and the site is all different and unrecognizable! Cant find my position of flow anywhere ?!

I have tried on the etherscan but unfortunately my understanding is limited and reading coding isn’t my strong suit.

Flow purchase|690x63

If anyone could help would be much appreciated, or point me in the right direction. Many thanks

Flow is a standalone blockchain that has nothing to do with Ethereum. It looks like you accidentally bought tokens from Flow Protocol which is a scam project that has nothing to do with our Flow. I would try to get rid of those as quickly as possible.

Oh no, is it confirmed a scam project ?
it seems pretty scamish when i cant find a trace of it anywhere on marketcap, coingecko or the internet anymore. Its blockchain is still active.

Is there anywhere i can liquidate the assets with accessing their native site ?!

Thank you very much for your time

I don’t know anything else about the project, so I don’t know where you can liquidate. I’m sorry about the situation. :man_shrugging:

Hi team, I’ve staked flow on blocto through port.onflow.org but I dont see the date of delegation and then dates when the rewards are going to be distributed etc., can anyone help/suggest? Thank you

You can see the documentation about staking here: Epoch and Reward Schedule - Flow Documentation

Thank you @flowjosh !