Flow staking page

Hello: i have a flow wallet which i’ve had for over a year. i’ve purchased flow from an exchange and sent to my flow wallet to stake and re-stake awards. do i need to upgrade my flow wallet? I only have available my stake page showing my tokens but I can’t do any un-delegating or delegating, but rather send my reward tokens to which wallets ?

help would be appreciated. thank you

This looks like it might be from the epoch setup phase, a time when staking operations are disabled near the end of each epoch. As long as you try to do you staking operations on any day besides wednesday, you should be fine. Have you been able to resolve it?

Hi Josh, no this hasn’t been resolved. when i launch flowport.o it opens up to the flow main net- shows my tokens staked and rewards, but I can’t un-delegate my tokens but I can send my rewards to where and what wallet to use when i sign on. I’ve attached 3 screen-shots what i can see. I’ve had the wallet for over a year and I alway purchase flow from an exchange and then transferred- to my flow wallet. Never had an issue- until recently, since blocto wallet came about. Did i miss an update or a bug- perhaps with the node operator? Yes, if you can help great!

Hello @Spark,

Unsure if this is just the screen shot but you will need to signin with your wallet that holds account 0x38c400116b0daf2b. When you are signed in you should see:

  • Dashboard
  • Balances
  • Stake & Delegate
  • Send FLOW

on the left nav and your flow balance where Sign In is in this screen shot. From there a menu will be next to your Staked Amount Value and your Rewards Amount value. You should be able to restake or add to your values at that point.

Hi Sean, my issue is when i sign into port.onflow/stake-delegate original both the side bar is missing: dashboard, balance, stake & delegate, and send flow, and attached screenshot showing managing delegation are missing. now when i see my present staked tokens and try to sign in I choose blocto wallet and that’s where i feel my problem is. It prompts me to choose a wallet which i did months ago- asking to confirm it sending verification code to my old email which does not function anymore. I feel this is where my problem is: my old to new email? can this be fixed. so frustrating

It sounds like it might be an issue with Blocto not allowing you to sign in properly. Have you tried reaching out to Blocto’s support?

yes, and they can’t resolve the problem… that’s why I went directly to dapper to seek some technical advice and they pointed back to blocto. If this helps you or whoever- sending copies of the exchange I purchased flow & sending to my wallet# if this helps solve the mystery. Personally, i feel when i changed my email address in the fall and didn’t update my new email address in flow port this is where the problem lies.

Flow Port doesn’t have email addresses. it is just a front end web app, so there was nowhere for you to update your email address. It seems like you can’t sign in properly, which I think would point to an issue with the wallet you are trying to sign in with because other wallets are working fine on flow port right now. I would maybe try to push Blocto a little bit more for help. Are you able to sign in with your Blocto wallet on other Flow apps besides Flow Port?

Okay- that makes since I never used an email to stake flow directly from exchange. Today, wallets today require email address. As with flow, when I started using flow it was easy- just buy and send directly to flowport.org. No issues buy and go!

I just sent blocto another message with screen shots showing my true flow tokens. Jason, could there be a bug with the node operator i used for staking? It’s strange when i go to my bookmark page https://port.onflow.org/stake-delegate/0x38c400116b0daf2b my delegation options don’t appear any longer on the side bar, but my total tokens

(Attachment Flow.pdf is missing)

I went through my flow account and deleted blocto wallet and re-installed as if I’m new. I went through the prompts added blocto wallet then to my flowportstake page and this showed up.

all is correct. regarding my balance and when the epoch ends and see if the undelegate comes up? If I unstake and wait 7-14 days to move the tokens am I sending to the new blocto wallet# i set up? ty

Now it’s been a week since the folks at Blocto wallet contacted me advising i have 2 accounts; gmail.net and optonline.net. Yes, I’ve advised Blocto that my optonline.net has been retired since last fall as the internet provider no longer is supporting non-activity accounts. Yes, the gmail.net what i use- the optonline.net account i used with coinbase to fund my flow account is (0x38c400116b0daf2b). So can you help and assist getting my flow account straighten out! I’ve deleted blocto wallets from my phone and will re-install when i know the folks at Blocto can release my tokens in the flow wallet 0x38c400116b0daf2b. FYI- if need be, I can send you screenshots of my tokens being transferred from coinbase to flow wallet 0x38c400116b0daf2b. Your help would be greatly appreciated. ty