Cant stake again my flow on flow port

Could you please tell my why I cant stake my flow?

I am receiving this Error: [Error Code: 1101] cadence runtime error Execution failed: error: pre-condition failed: Cannot register a node operator if the staking auction isn’t in progress → 8624b52f9ddcd04a.FlowIDTableStaking:1176:12

I did a test with 10 flow on staking, now is the second time (in the guide it says to delegate more flows, but this doesnt work properly for me)

also I see in the code this panic thing (maybe will help) : prepare(account: AuthAccount) {
self.stakingCollectionRef = account.borrow<&FlowStakingCollection.StakingCollection>(from: FlowStakingCollection.StakingCollectionStoragePath)
?? panic(“Could not borrow ref to StakingCollection”)

The reason is because in about the last day of each epoch, we are in the epoch setup phase. This is an important phase where nodes have to perform necessary setup operations and staking is not allowed. Later today, the epoch will end and staking will be allowed again. :smiley:

Still cant stake it.

Below is the screenshot with error

here Im trying to re-stake my rest flow to the same delegator, I tried to stake to another delegator and still got the same problem, who know what can be the problem?
I am really interested to stake my flow on ledger and not different way