Hello World! And Flow

I’m new to flow and interested in building an NFT marketplace. I’m pretty new to the blockchain scene, but am very excited about the future.
I’m currently going through the tutorials but keep encountering this error, might just be my incompetence :slight_smile:
Deployment Error Error: GraphQL error: access denied


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Greetings, @thomas !
Can you tell which browser you are using?
And do you have cookies enabled?

I’m having the same problem. I’m currently using the Brave browser.

I am also using Brave browser.
I was able to fix this issue by turning off Braves Shields feature for the playground.
It looks like Brave is blocking something that it thinks is dangerous, but we trust these flow guys, right?

The critical thing for Playground are cookies. If those are blocked you win’t be able to use it. There is 0 dangerous code there.

Brave shields claims that “cross-site” is cookies are blocked
Why do you need those? (vs standard minimum cookie - or some other state mgmt technique)?