Community Grant Wishlist?

Quick question for the community - where can one find the “wishlist” that certain grants can be submitted as addressing?

I see the tag on the GitHub listing of all of the grants, and have seen grant proposals that use it, but can’t seem to find the actual wishlist listing. This could be helpful in structuring proposals to directly address the most critical issues.

Any help is appreciated!

The Grant wishlist seems to be unclear for now if I’m not mistaken. The Flow team has said several times that they are currently working to relaunch it. Am I correct @SeanRobb @jeromep ? May be an official communication on the Grants status would be beneficial to the community

Thank you for the response and the context!

Agreed that some form of official update on the wishlist would be great, I trust the team are working on that in the background.

This is correct.

We are working through a restructuring and relaunch of grants holistically.

Right now compiling a set of items that we would be beneficial for builder to create applications with ease on Flow.

That is great to hear!

Looking forward to seeing this get rolled out.