Organize a Flow Builder House in your local community

Dear Flow Community,

We’re excited to announce that the Flow Foundation is offering funding to support local Flow Builder Houses around the world – as a Builder House organizer, you can receive funding to run workshops, IRL hackathons, and meetups to help grow and nurture your local Flow community.

Flow is committed to supporting the development of decentralized applications and ecosystems. We believe that building a strong community of developers is key to achieving this goal. That’s why this is an important opportunity to support local initiatives that bring Flow builders together to collaborate, learn, and innovate.

The funding provided by the Flow Foundation can be used to cover expenses such as venue rental, catering, and swag for your local events. Whether you’re a student, a developer, or an entrepreneur, if you’re passionate about Web3 and want to help grow the Flow community in your area, we encourage you to apply.

To apply, simply fill out the application form and tell us about your plans, the impact you hope to achieve. We’ll review all applications and select the most promising proposals for funding.

Apply here:

Note: actions speak louder than words - applications are prioritized based on proven activity, demonstrated results and commitment to the Flow community. For example, whether you have already organized Flow/web3 events in the past, and/or have sign ups or interest for upcoming events already (e.g. signups on Eventbrite, votes on polls, likes on teaser tweets, etc).