Can't join Flow discord, and don't get staking reward for this epoch

2 issues, I don’t know where to ask for the issues, so posting here.

  1. I was in the Flow discord, but I was kicked out on Feb. 22nd, which is previous spork. And I’m unable to join back.
    As a developer, it is very inconvenient to get latest message from Flow. I got Flow news from my colleagues. I’ve never used any bot here, is there any method to join back?

  2. As the breaking change
    Breaking change coming to Flow Epoch Smart Contracts for Automatic Rewards
    I haven’t receive staking reward this week, so as my colleagues. It seems reward would be sent automatically, delegators don’t need to do anything. And I see tx result of this epoch reward is still pending in the following URL, also I got ‘UNKNOWN’ status by using flow-go-sdk to get the tx.
    Is the tx result normal?

For Q1, what’s your Discord handle? We can help to unban.

andy74139 #7054
Please help, thanks :pray:

Done! Unbanned

For 2). Are you staking through Blocto wallet/node? See related discussion here: Discord

this guy send me a link to customer service, and he took my USDC…

And he should be this guy on discord: eldumbo#2270
It shows “on duty”, so I pinned him. But it seems he doesn’t have Flow team role tag…

@bt.wood Could you pin me on discord? Thanks.