Can you make Flow playground output bigger?

Currently it’s very small. Can you make it bigger or adjustable like “storage” section?

@makoto at the moment, the only solution to this is to use Playground Enhancer for Chrome:

  • Work in any screen size you like (white overlay removed) :zany_face:
  • Dark Mode to lessen the strain on your :eyes:
  • Collapsible Account/Transaction panel to easily fit 2 playground on 1 screen! :exploding_head:
  • Git commit/import - easily store and retrieve your code across Playgrounds
  • Some other small invisible CSS tweaks :innocent:
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The extension looks good, but it does not allow me to make output page (at the bottom of the playground) bigger/adjustable.

I’m not sure why this thread is in SDKs, seems more appropriate for the developer tools section.

It would also be great to be able to adjust the size of the text in the playground editor. Currently I can only zoom the entire browser in which throws off the layout of the other panels.

FWIW I am also using the playground enhancer extension.


Good point @lukehamilton! I’ve moved this post to Playground category :bowing_man:‍♂
As for the font size - I will add this in a list of improvements, which are currently brewing :wink: