Is there a way to make Playground work in splitscreen mode?

As someone who tends to use just 1 screen at a time, i tend to use splitscreen but find it very frustrating that I am unable to view the forum and playground in split screen as the playground keeps saying it works better in bigger screens and keeps returning to the flow homepage.

Is there a way to use playground in splitscreen on desktop / laptop?

You can use Chrome Extension, which removes some of the limitations and improves DX:

You will be able to:

  • turn dark mode
  • collapse users/transactions/scripts panel to make it even more narrow
  • work in a window of any size :wink:

Any idea if it works on firefox? (Im guessing it works on edge as edge has been based on chromium for the last few iterations).

@miaow actually, there is a version for Firefox as well, but I haven’t bumped it to latest version, so some of the features will be missing :sweat_smile: