Flow Playground Update - January 2021

We’ve just released v0.6.0 of the Flow Playground. The first major update to the Playground in 2021! There are a ton of new features and improvements in this release and we’re excited to continue making the Playground the best place for newcomers and experienced developers alike to learn and share Cadence code.

So, what’s new?

API and Front-End are Open Source

All of the source code for the Flow Playground is now open-source and we look forward to evolving the Playground in the open with the full participation of the community. If there is a feature you’d like to see (or implement) in the Playground, head over to GitHub and start a conversation!

The source code of the Playground is split into the front-end (UI) and the back-end (API):

Work with the Latest Version of Cadence

After a long wait, the Playground has been updated to use the latest version of Cadence (v0.12.3). Moving forward, we’re committed to making the latest Cadence features available for you to try in the Playground as soon as they’re available.

Powered by the Cadence Language Server

We’ve compiled the Cadence language-server to WebAssembly and added it to the Playground so you’ll get all the benefits of introspection, auto-suggest and error reporting while working with your code, making the Playground a true Cadence-native editor!

Easily Export your Project to Cadence Files

We want the Playground to be integrated with your Flow development workflow. As the first bridge between the Playground and your local development environment, you can now export your Playground project to Cadence files, complete with auto-generated integration tests in JavaScript using https://github.com/onflow/flow-js-testing!

Share & Embed Cadence Snippets

We imagine the Playground as a means for developers to share their Cadence ideas with the world, so we’ve added the ability to export embeddable Cadence snippets for your website, directly from the Playground UI.

UI Tweaks and Improvements

Along with this massive feature update, we’ve also worked to improve some issues with the UI including the ability to control the size of the output panels as you work, along with a handful of other useful and intuitive UI improvements we think you’ll love.

Looking Forward

We want to make the Playground the best place to learn and share Cadence code, and we have an exciting list of features planned for the upcoming year. We’d also like to encourage the community of Playground users to get involved, and help us build the best tool together, so we’ll be encouraging community feedback and participation in the Playground’s development going forward.

Special shout outs to the massive contributions of @MaxStarka , @Mackenzie and @bastian who were instrumental in bringing this improved version of the Playground into the world!

Thanks for reading and happy hacking!
Flow Team