BackStore - SneakPeek/Feedback

Hello everyone,

At BuildSquad, we would like to give you a sneak peek on our latest MVP which is based on a proposal that we have submitted in October, BackStore.

Please have a look at the analytics visualizations, they include both NFTStorefront and NFTStorefrontV2 , but so far we have indexed only a sample of events from spork 20:

These are just some basic visualizations. Unifying the events from both versions of NFTStorefront in a single data source, opens up many possibilities and the insights that can be derived about the usage & behavior of NFT marketplaces are numerous.

We would appreciate any feedback, such as improvements, ideas, and in which direction to build from here. The decisive factor is community impact. Many thanks!

P.S: Adding some screenshots for easy access, if you don’t want to visit the links: