NFTs and Physical products

We have built a system that links physical products with inventory management and analytical data to NFTs that hold these traits. We are working with brands in our industry to build a league with Top Shot like collectibles linked to physical products and tournaments between brands. We are looking for developers to build on flow and feedback on our project!

That sounds interesting, the link between physical products and NFTs is something I’ve not seen tackled in any meaningful way so far. Asset tracking would seem to be the only way to link the virtual and physical, but I have no idea how you would robustly achieve this, or if it’s even possible.

I’m also wondering, is there any way to leverage the storage element of the Flow blockchain to properly custody digital assets, in a manner akin to that of Arweave?

I come at this from a music background, where clearly copying an audio file is trivial and the artist gains nothing. There’s no sensible way to prevent this that doesn’t lead to piracy, so my thoughts are that you shouldn’t try; 100% revenue protection is impossible. However, true fans will always buy (and sometimes sell) their preferred artist’s material, so why not provide the means to mint a limited number of “singles” and “albums” which are tied to a single non-fungible copy stored on the chain, with a percentage returned to the original artist?

Can you talk about linking NFTs to analytical data?


If you still need help email me.