SaaS API for developers who want to use NFTs in their applications

I am thinking about an idea and would like some feedback.

I believe a lot of developers will soon want to incorporate NFTs in their applications. However, most don’t have experience with developing dapps and writing smart contracts.

My proposed solution is to provide a SaaS API for developers. The API will allow developers to incorporate NFTs in their applications by just calling REST APIs.

Any feedback is welcome!

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It is definitely a great idea! If you go to our Discord you could easily find teams willing to test/use it :smiley:

I imagine small-mid size teams would like to iterate fast with an existing service. There is a big wave of developers and designers from the mainstream that would like to get started but limited by the smart contract front.

Thanks. Will definitely go over to Flow Discord to connect with the developers there.

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This is an interesting idea. Are you open to collaborators?

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Hi Tpf. Yes, I am definitely looking for collaborators. I’ll PM you to discuss more.

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This looks pretty promising… Can we discuss more on this ?

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Thanks for your interest, vroom. I’ll PM you.

Hi there, I would be interested to collab as well. Although my thoughts are more around business use cases and models for the api perhaps I could be of assistance.

Hope to join, thanks

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Thanks for your interest, jaliv. I’ll PM you.

Hello @acflow , I am interested in this effort as well.

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Thanks for your interest, jfergusonavl. I’ll PM you.

@acflow that’s a really great idea! I was wondering if you are still looking for developers?

Thanks for your interest, jayesh_wayest. I’ll PM you.

This is super interesting. If you want help building it or just want to chat pm me or email me:

Thanks for your interest, Theo. I’ll e-mail you.