Hello -- Looking to Develop NFT idea/IP/invention!

Hi all

I am new to the NFT space. I have 3 ideas that are all bundled together that are mind blowing in my opinion. My main question is, what protection do I have sharing ideas for feedback here?

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Hey @MartyMcFly

You have no protection in sharing your ideas here.

If you need help in moving the idea out of you head into a product and looking for feedback from others here, feel free to post it.

Here are some ideas I’m sharing, most are mind blowing:

  • Build a holo-deck for NFTs
  • Build a virtual world full of NFTs
  • Build a browser for the blockchain.
  • Build a spaceship to move people to Mars.

Ideas are not worthless but building them is where most of the effort goes.


Truth! The effort to stop everything you are doing to:

  • Research the market
  • Product Market fit?
  • Coding skills in new bleeding edge tech
  • Find customers
  • Improve the product
  • Convince people to join you.

Ideas are great. Executing on ideas is hard.


Hi Gianni -

I truly appreciate the feedback from you and Daniel, I do. I have been researching, my idea is unique and huge. Frankly, its better than the ones Daniel listed by a mile (no offense), hence why I don’t want to just blindly give out too much info. You can be that guy that sends one BTC expecting two, right?

Anyways, I made a simple, 8-slide presentation to flush out my idea. I am a pharmacist, but have created this account, scoured the internet and am reaching out to other random people like yourselves as much as possible. I am working hard on this.

While it’s easy for everyone to get on a soapbox and “if you build it, they will come” and “learn to code”, that just not feasible. My idea is time sensitive and groundbreaking. Based on your popmint, you would likely have the skill set to flush this out. While I appreciate the ‘tough love’ and advice to ‘work harder’ , had you considered “Out of good faith, I would hear your idea for 10-15 minutes. Maybe we could collaborate. I am interested in expanding NFTs and sometimes outsiders have the best ideas.” Just a thought.

Anyways, consider it. I will keep plugging away, as I am right now. But yeah, thanks…

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I’m in your boat as well man.

I coded years ago but never kept up and now it’s a whole new world. I gave up trying to catch up. I had research, potential clients, wireframes, etc. But was dead in the water with my project.

Reached out to local friends, network in my city, and could not find anyone with the skills and desire.

I took a long shot and did find someone on the “looking-for-team”. channel, in the flow discord.

But I had to share my thoughts, my idea. I have shared my ideas with investors, none of which would ever sign an NDA. So I feel you on the caution. I would urge you to provide a bit more detail, maybe the industry, even as simple as the problem(s) you are trying to solve, you don’t even need to provide the solution. Why its important, the people or businesses your project may help. Maybe ask specifically what you need, I need an MVP, I need to research one part of the system, I need to validate my idea with someone that can code for blockchains, etc.

It’s tough man, and sorry if I came off a bit blunt, but ever since I have been involved with blockchain, the “I have an idea” posts are everywhere.

Note that many of the amazing projects we love started as opensource, with a manifesto on how they are changing the world, this leads to people identifying with the ideas and potentially joining forces.

I wish you success. Would love to see you post more detail.


Thanks Gianni

I really mean it. I know there are “idea people” everywhere so I totally get that aspect. I am simply not sure of another way at this point given the speed of this area and exponential learning curve needed.

With that said, this idea too good to hint at even. I am going to continue to work through forums and twitter until I see the idea out there. Until then, I am going full steam ahead just reaching out. Nothing to lose.

How’s this…I have just 12 slides of content and a presentation I have practiced that is concise and legit. Why don’t you consider 15 min for a zoom call. I mean, what do you got to lose. If you on here 15 min a day, just skip a day and replace it with me and it just might be life changing. That’s where I am, looking for people who want to take a chance, which I thought this space is full of, more than a wise sage. More of the LFG attitude. That’s all and I mean that with respect. Seriously consider it. Again I am a pharmacist on the flow forum. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have something I was bananas about. Just saying.

Let’s do it Gianni. It will blow your mind. It all you will think about for 24 hrs. Why not?

Teaser: there is 1 overarching project with many parts that can be individualized if felt that one part was the key more than the bigger picture. I calling one aspect 2LOT or 2-layer optional transparency which will blow your mind alone. I have 2 real world examples that will hook you.

Let’s do it. I know you thinking about it. Worse case is you have a great story to tell. No stealing my idea though!

Ball is in your court. Then we get it to zoom/flow ASAP. I am pumped just thinking about it. Talk to you soon :wink:


Love hearing ideas and being a sounding board. I don’t have time to steal anything, got my own project to work on! Connect with me here https://www.linkedin.com/in/giannidalerta/ and I will send you my calendar appointment thing.

I’m interested to know more about your idea and or a zoom call to watch your presentation @MartyMcFly .

Try file a patent

Here is an idea to your problem. Like Gianni said, the crypto space is full of ideas. But one thing is common, people are afraid of sharing these ideas, because one might “steal” your brilliant idea.

What if you can secure your idea as NFT and have a capital and resource to get it of the ground based on the popular vote.

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