Acquisition Marketing Vehicle for Flow


Looking for community feedback, especially from DAO/NFT/gaming projects, about what you’d want to see in an acquisition marketing vehicle. I’m from Cxmmunity Cxllege, a metaverse project. We won a Dapper Labs grant and we’re building Wxrk$tudy, a web2-web3 rewards app that’s meant to take Flow projects directly to web2 gamers (we have the physical infrastructure and partnerships to reach 3 million of them, because our core competency in web2 is actually content creation and media buys, not app development).

The whitepaper for the project is here. Introducing Cxmmunity Cxllege - Welcome to Cxmmunity Cxllege!
Wxrk$tudy has its own section. Open to ideas, because Wxrk$tudy is meant to be a vehicle for every other Flow project.

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