A DEX on FLOW (testnet)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just deployed a single AMM pair contract on the testnet,
Anybody can swap a mysterious Birtroot FT with the testnet Flow Token, provide and withdraw liquidity.
It is basically functional, Bona Fide clone of a Uniswap Pair including LP tokens.
It needs a lot of work to become a proper dex, in broad terms:

  1. Ability to add new pairs
  2. Routing between the pairs
  3. LP provision incentives - governance token

right now the ui lives on heroku
the code is on github

I welcome you to try some DEFI on the testnet, All feedback appreciated, both technical and productwise.
I’m also looking for people who would like to build it together


Can I help you ?

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I hope so :). Are you on Flow discord?

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Really looking forward to seeing this project garner attention and support in the community.

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yes. I had start your code repository .
and this is my discord (aturx#2545). I didn’t find you :sweat:

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Hello would you mind emailing me to discuss your DEX further?
Our Tier 1 Regulated Crypto Hedge fund is very interested in backing you potentially. Please can you kindly email me on ozzie@alphabit.fund