[Partner wanted] NFT Virtual Tours Marketplace

Greetings Flow Community!

We recently started working on a new idea for an NFT Marketplace on FLOW. We wrote a lot about it in our blog here.

Please read the blog to find out more.

We are looking for a start-up to partner up with for the purpose of building this Marketplace.
We already have the Interactive Virtual Tours technology, which we only have to integrate within a marketplace.

There are two problems:

  1. We don’t have experience with Cadence, Smart Contracts, or Blockchain technology
  2. We are, of course, bootstrapped.

Our expectations
We want to create a mutually beneficial partnership for creating a new project (at some point a distinct legal identity) managed by the two builder companies (us and yours) equally. None of us should subcontract the other. We would both delegate time towards development, business, and funding processes.

If you did read the blog and you know how Cadence, FLOW Blockchain, and Smart Contracts works, as well as build (or already built) and NFT Marketplace, you’re the man!

If you also like our idea and want to help build this product, we are excited to hear from you!

[please provide an email address in the comments or a discord/telegram handle so we could reach out.]