Flow/Dapper devs needed for NFT startup

Hi, www.integralrealitylabs.com is looking for experienced flow/dapper devs to build out our NFT ecosystem. We’re a small, ambitious startup with funding and need to get people on board and going as soon as possible.


Hi @tmdriftrrr, you can also find more developers interested in the #find-or-hire channel on Discord.

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Hello All, My name is Jerry. I am part of Product Development & consulting Studio called MobileFirst/ UnitasLink.

We have executed 2 engagements on Flow Blockchain.

Both the apps are pushed to Main Net. We have expertise with Cadence & Flow Blockchain.

Feel free to drop me an email on jerrywangsf at gmail dot com. or You can drop an email on arpan at mobilefirst dot in


Hi Jerry, if you are still looking for devs please let me know. We have two years experience building dapps on FLOW. Thanks!