So excited to be part of FLOW!

Our team is building a start-up company.
We were planning to implement NFT concept on our idea, so we initially searched for ERC-721.
However, FLOW has been very attractive to our team, so we decided to be part of FLOW community!

Very nice to meet all of you! :slight_smile:
So excited!


Welcome to the community! Feel free to reach out with any questions! What kind of project are you building?

Welcome @bamtoridotori
The same happened to us, we were looking for a way to start our token-based venture, and we found ERC-20 and FLOW.
FLOW has introduced specific capabilities for the world of NFT.
Wish success for your venture :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello flowjosh!

Thank you very much! I will reach out if there is any question!
We are doing a project that can buy and trade digital collectible card of celebrities!
So we are currently discussing with entertainment companies for IP licensing of celebrities.
As soon as we make a deal, we will create NFT-card of them!
So, we chose FLOW because it supports easy implementation of NFT and we can learn from Dapper Labs’ big success of NBA TOP SHOT.

Thank you very much ahmad!
Wish you good luck too!! :slight_smile: