Hello everone - am looking for flow developer!

Hello everyone, my name is Reto and I am from switzerland. with two colleagues we have written a concept for a nft marketplace for the gaming industry. It is about marketing of gaming content of pro gamer. so publishing would be cleared, as we could possibly enter into a partnership with EA. Since one of the colleagues in the gaming industry has very good relations we could establish these synergies. now the flow blockchain would be perfect for this project. only the problem i see is - where do i get flow blockchain developer? or a whole team? i assume also needs different specialists… Does anyone know about implementing larger projects?

hello, I’m a newbie on flow development, can you elaborate a bit more please?

Hello Retobill, We’re an experienced design and dev shop (www.troontechnologies.com) and we are working on FLOW (part owners in www.nowwhere.io) and I would be interested in speaking with you. My name is Paul - feel free to reach out paul@troontechnololgies.com

Paul, shooting you an email from theo@pineappleworkshop.com we have a team and would love to get involved

Hi Theo, I’m responding via email…Would be great to meet. Thx