Project - CryptoP: digital 'living' entities creation

Alice is one of ‘living’ entities based on blockchain (NFT), we can call her as digital girl.

Alice owns an account which only controlled by her. Initially we create her and invest certain amount of fungible tokens to her account. We also arm her a skill - a dealer of blackJack. We, own her 10% shares as we create her.

Anyone can gamble with her on blachJack. Day by day, Alice become richer and richer. We, as the creator, get shared the profit in certain period, as all defined by smart contracts.

Alice own the shares of 51%, Other 39% shares can be bought by anyone who wants to be shareholder. Those who invests tokens to her will get shared profits following the rule of smart contracts.

There is one talent artist, who creates a perfect outlook for Alice, will get paid after share holder’s voting. All these evolved action also controlled by smart contracts.

We, human being, create a ‘living’ digital entity (Alice), we evolve her but never control her.

Above is the project idea. I describe it this way just for better understanding.

Project - CryptoP: digital ‘living’ entities creation

Aim: create certain amount of entities based on FLOW

Features: the entities own accounts, get some unique skills, like dealer, singer, dancer, talker, helper, etc

How: people who create them own less than 50% of their shares. the one who helps evolving them will get paid. Everything is under smart contracts.

The digital ‘living’ entities can reproduced with certain rules, like cryptokitties, We can also set life cycle on them. We can do everything, except controlling the accounts.

Got interested? Let’s talk about it. Want to make it happen? Let’s do it.

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This sounds really interesting! Have you written any code for it yet or done any design work?

No code committed yet so far but patents are on the way. I am building a team who willing to be one of the project. We can talk details in other way, e.g. e-mail. Thanks.

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