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Greetings to all community members,

At BuildSquad, to familiarize ourselves with Flow, we decided to work on a side project and tackle a real-world problem. This came naturally as the answer to a question from one of the squad’s members. The original question was:

“How would one create a digital “will” for one’s account, or simply add another account as a backup, in case the account holder loses access to his/her account or is no longer able to interact with it?”

The main goal here was for the owned assets to be handed over to another authorized recipient, at a future release date. The specified assets have to be explicitly withdrawn from the recipient, with his/her consent. The assets in our case are mainly FungibleToken & NonFungibleToken implementations.

The implementation of this project turned out to be an amazing learning material and it enabled us to delve deeper into the internals of some smart contracts which are the building blocks for almost any type of Dapp on Flow.
As such, we would like to offer it to the community as an open-source project, to serve the same purpose as KittyItems. Currently, we have already finished the backend side of things (meaning the cadence smart contract and accompanying transactions & scripts), and we prepared a proposal to support us in finalizing the API & frontend plus some other details. Please have a look at the proposal, it will give you a better idea of what this sample Dapp does and more importantly, what it offers.

We would like your feedback, to materialize this in a way that would be to the best benefit of the community. Particularly we would like your help with figuring out:

  • Which features interest you more/less?
  • Are there other features you would like to be included?
  • Any specific preference in regards to tooling, languages, and frameworks?

Try to think of your very first experience in building a Flow Dapp, what did you wish existed to better support your endeavor?

Any type of feedback is highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone,

Quick update: Asset-Handover has now been open-sourced! It includes the full backend work, a thorough readme, and a detailed guide.

We would much appreciate it, if you could go through the proposal, and/or through the readme ( to try to set up everything and give us any feedback.


Hello everyone,

Happy new year!

Quick update:

  • Asset-Handover is now a template repository in order to be easier for developers to use.
  • We have updated FungibleToken and NonFungibleToken contract interfaces and implementations.
  • We are now using FungibleTokenMetadataViews and MetadataViews for our custom token contracts.
  • Readme now has examples on how the asset-handover admin can add existing fungible and non fungible tokens (FUSD & NBA TopShot)

We will always try to make sure to use best practices and keep our repo up to date.


Hello everyone,

A long overdue update on this front:

The first milestone (MVP) for the Asset-Handover grant has been completed. We have created a sample dapp - FlowSafe.

FlowSafe is a secure wallet solution built on the Flow blockchain that allows account holders to create and manage individual safes for their assets. It provides a secure and accessible way to store and transfer assets to designated recipients while minimizing the risks associated with key loss or potential collusion.

How to utilize FlowSafe?
Please have a look at our short demo, FlowSafe is live on testnet and it currently supports the following assets:

Fungible tokens: Flow
Non-Fungible tokens: KittyItems, MonsterMaker

All of the assets we support are open source and have available tutorials on how to build, if you want us to support more assets please reach out to me directly.


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