Servus from Bavaria!

Hey Community!

I just started to get into Cadence and will be posting about my progress publicly.
I was a JAVA programmer 20 years ago, but spent the last 20 years not coding or doing anything very tech related.
So this is a wonderful adventure for me :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Also would be interested in a study group, or exchange of experiences with Cadence and FLOW.
You can follow my progress here:

I can offer help with anything regarding sound and audio. I was professional audio engineer the last 20 years. I can also offer to just lend an ear and develop ideas.

So “Servus!”, greetings, from Bavaria,

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Servus fellow Bavarian!
Thought I’d just drop by and say hi. I’m also trying the waters here and am curious to explore the potential of Flow.

Best of luck,

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Hey Max !
Cool! What do you want to build?

Best. Raphael

I come from a photo background so I am looking into building a small NFT marketplace for photography. The old row of photographers has quite a tough time with modern tech so I’m trying to build something that feels traditional while incorporating the opportunities of the blockchain. At the moment I am still trying to figure out how much better Flow is in regards to the environmental impact compared to Ethereum. But I am already excitedly working through the docs :slight_smile:

Do you have something specific in mind that you want to try building?

I want to build a course where artists can learn to mint on FLOW.
Eth is often too expensive and FLOW offers other benefits (speed)

Have you started exploring Cadence?
Currently playing around with the fungible token part.
I start to get it. But next step is reading more about how it handles types.
I don’t know javascript which is prob the most similar it seems.

Sounds great!

I haven’t, yet. I literally heard of Flow 2 hours ago so still working through the getting started guide. But I’m happy to hear that you think Cadence is most similar to javascript as that is my main areas of expertise. I’ll be able to talk little more about it in the coming days.

Cool! Looking forward to your progress. If you’re from the Munich area and want to meet up let me know.