New to flow, excited to learn more

Hey all! Just starting out with the learning process, but love the care that’s been taken in design and documentation. If anyone has a sec, I have some high level questions about getting started with development–I’ve done the Cadence intros and gone through the quickstart, so my understanding gap is mostly on the way the two integrate. My goal for now is to figure out how to go from the quick start demo to a basic NFT marketplace. Appreciate any tips/if anyone is willing to talk further!

Thanks much!

Welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here. :slight_smile:

Have you checked out the kitty items repo?

It is a great example for how to build a full stake NFT Dapp with a marketplace. I would recommend checking that out.

Let us know if you have any more questions! :smiley:

Yes, been looking at that. Super good guide. A few conceptual questions I had, if you have a chance:

  • Can we import smart contracts defined by other people? Or is this local to the dapp? (In the quickstart, for example, they import the Profile contract.) How do we know what contracts are available?
  • Once you launch on mainnet, are all transactions on the same chain? Do contracts go on the chain? Or are they just ways to define transactions? What is the time between executing a transaction and it being ‘globally’ visible?
  • Is AuthAccount a global class? If so, are there any other built-ins?

Thanks for any help!

  • Yes, you can import any other contract that is deployed already. There isn’t a central list of contracts and accounts besides the core protocol contracts list here: Flow Core Contracts - Flow Documentation but if you are interested in a project, they will very likely include documentation about the names and addresses of their contracts that you can use
  • All transactions and contracts are all on the same chain. The speed and time to finality of transactions on Flow is constantly changing and improving, but you can usually expect a transaction you send to be finalized in less than ten seconds max
  • AuthAccount is a global type. There is also PublicAccount and Block and probably some others. I would recommend checking out the language reference: The Cadence Programming Language - Flow Documentation