Flow Quick Start Demo in less than 60 minutes!

I implemented this dApp in the Flow test network on the basis of the official documents, which was a quick process.You can quickly see the process of developing on Flow.


  1. Wallet and network foundation

  2. Contract and deployment basis

  3. SDK and configuration basis

  4. The interaction basis between the front end and the blockchain

Demo: https://flowfans.on.fleek.co/


:rofl: next demo : nft market

Well done @Lsy

I liked the clear explanation on your Github account @Lsy , kind of walking through guide :slight_smile:

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Wow this is so awesome! Flow community is amazing. Thanks so much for going through the quickstart app and sharing your thoughts & process. If you have any notes where we can update the documentation - please let us know or you can message me directly :slight_smile:

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