Applications on Flow

Hi Flowmates,

Is there any list of flow-based applications and innovations?

Here’s a community driven aggregator of some of the things on Flow:

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Hello ahmad & srinjoy

Unfortunatly the link you have send is not flow based applications but just a list of websites “talking arround” flow.

For now it seems there are very few applications with underlying smartcontracts that have been approved and pushed to mainnet (NBA Top Shot, Cryptokitties, Dr. Seuss, UFC, VIV3).

Most of them are directly build by Dapper Labs except for VIV3, which is somehow probably related to Dapper Labs team.

On flow docs it says smartcontracts will need to be validated on “early days” of the blockchain. Would be nice to know, on the roadmap, when Flow will become a Public Blockchain, and a list of real applications build by external developpers that where pushed to Flow Blockchain till now.

The potential of Flow is huge when building on emulator and testnet, but for now it looks so private …


Hi @Creator thanks for the constructive feedback. I wanted to share with you that Flowverse team just released a new feature linking live projects to their Flow mainnet smart contracts.

Regarding your concern for lack of live applications on Flow mainnet besides Dapper Labs run projects, in all honesty it is actually the opposite. Dapper Labs only launched NBA Top Shot so far on Flow, while you can see from Flowverse, we have nearly 20 live projects from third party developers (our ecosystem partners) spanning gaming, music, fashion, marketplaces, DEX and more. Below just few examples of them:

Regarding the smart contract review, we agree that it is friction for dapp developers who might be used to deploying to mainnet right away like on Ethereum. In the long term that is definitely the direction for Flow too. Usually, it only takes few weeks and it is a complimentary security audit being offered to all ecosystem partners to help them ensure the code is safe for their users. It is also an effort to share best practices with our ecosystem partners given Cadence is still a new language.

We always welcome direct and honest feedback, so happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

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Thanks a lot for your constructive feedback, and for notifying me of the improvement on Flowverse to link live projects. While we are developing projects it is fair to get the visibility on successful projects and on the expected delay and requirements to be pushed on mainnet.

Thanks again for your clear answer.