Local Dev | How to sign in with Dev Wallet?

Hey guys,
I am having trouble getting setup with local development. I have the emulator running locally (latest version as of 2021-May-16) and I cloned the “Harness” repo to tryout signing in/out locally.

I can run scripts from the Harness page, but signing in does not work. See errors below.

I did update the config in the root.js file to reflect the output of the Dev Wallet start log.

From root.js

    .put("env", "local")
    .put("accessNode.api", "http://localhost:8080")
    .put("discovery.wallet", " http://localhost:8701/flow/authenticate")
    .put("challenge.handshake", " http://localhost:8701/flow/authenticate")

Output when starting local wallet

$ yarn run dev-wallet
yarn run v1.22.4
$ FLOW_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS=0xf8d6e0586b0a20c7 PK=f8e188e8af0b8b414be59c4a1a15cc666c898fb34d94156e9b51e18bfde754a5 fcl-wallet
*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

🎉 FCL Dev Wallet has started:
* Origin:          http://localhost:8701
* FCL Authn:       http://localhost:8701/flow/authenticate
* GraphiQL:        http://localhost:8701/graphql
* Access Node:     http://localhost:8080
* Service Address: 01
* Private Key:     f8e188e8af0b8b414be59c4a1a15cc666c898fb34d94156e9b51e18bfde754a5

Include this code in development to configure fcl:

import * as fcl from "@onflow/fcl"

  .put("challenge.handshake", "http://localhost:8701/flow/authenticate")

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
GQL -- query/config
GQL -- mutation/authenticate { email: 'aw@bc.de', pass: 'abc123' }
GQL -- query/config
GQL -- mutation/authenticate { email: 'abc@de.de', pass: 'abc123' }

Repo: https://github.com/orodio/harness

* could not find account with address 0000000000000001

In the browser console (Chrome, on MacOSX) I get the following error

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'sessionId' of null
    at Object.authenticate [as click] (flow-authenticate.js:44)

@gregsantos @JeffreyDoyle Can you help answer the question here?

It looks like you’ve implemented your own user/pw authentication.
Are you able to Log In via the Dev Wallet using fcl.authenticate and the default config?

By the looks of it there is a mismatch between what the cli output says and what is actually in the code.

I believe the correct configuration would be:

    .put("env", "local")
    .put("accessNode.api", "http://localhost:8080")
    .put("discovery.wallet", "http://localhost:8701/fcl/authn")
    .put("challenge.handshake", "http://localhost:8701/fcl/authn")

Reference implementation here:

You are using the older dev wallet.
You can find the new one here: GitHub - onflow/fcl-dev-wallet: A FCL Dev Wallet to be used with the Flow Emulator

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Thanks. In the end, it was due to a misconfiguration I believe.

I found this repo, which added a critical part of information. Now it works! Thanks for replying!