Inception - Idea Marketplace

Many great companies were born from a note or a sketch on a piece of napkin. We believe that all ideas have value and some people will pay for them. Many people come up with creative products and business ideas every day but only a very few do something with them. Be it for the lack of expertise, resources, or even time to pursue their realizations.
Take this idea for example. “It is a great idea!” is the feedback I receive all the time. But how would I go about realizing it? I am not a developer. I don’t have the capital to hire a development team. All I have is a “Great Idea” and a drive to make it happen.
So the idea is this. To create an NFT marketplace for white papers that people with ideas can submit, thus recording them on the Flow blockchain. This record becomes an NFT that the owner can claim rights to it and sell if they wish.
The NFT marketplace becomes a hub where the community of token holders can vote on the best ideas. Investors can provide initial seed capital by investing in the best ideas to hire all the essential people to turn them into businesses or products. People who believe in these funded ideas can apply for the jobs.
It is a win-win situation.
So what do you think? Please provide feedback? Any comments are welcomed? Do you think it will be possible to build on Flow? What problems do you foresee if this type of marketplace?

It reminds me of Venture DAO know as About — Venture DAO
Another big name in the ecosystem is

Thats great. Thank you for looking and responding to my post. DAO would definitely one route to go about this project. This is of course something I would consider down the line.
I think at its core, the uniqueness of this project comes from the creation of NFT for white papers instead of JPG digital art.
Take this forum thread for example, “Products & Ideas”. Instead of sharing the openly your idea with the world, you could create an NFT for it first, putting your name behind it, and then securely share it with the world.