How to set and get the accessNode in Mobile using Kotlin FCL

Hello everyone!
I am doing an integration of the FCL in kotlin and swift importing “com.portto.fcl.Fcl” (kotlin) and “FlowSDK” “FCL_SDK” (swift).

Is there a possibility to set the accessNode as it is done in JS SDK? and also to get the current accessNode where is connected?

For example in JS FLOW SDK it can be set like this:
“accessNode.api”: APP_ACCESS_NODE

How can we do on kotlin?

Hope someone can help.

there is no easy way as far as I can see.

it is using in many places, none of them supporting custom option.

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Thanks for your response bluesing.

Looking at the code, the network parameter is set with a .testnet or .mainnet, and does not accept to set a direct url:


Seems that the node access url is set depending those parameters but we do not fin the place where the url is set. Do you know where the access node url value is set?

it is in SDK ( )

setup here probably:

checkout swizzling with swift ( hacky way to fix ) or you can just change SDK code (or better PR to blocto FCL )