Flow js Send Transfer

I am developing a node app to do some simple actions just like get balance and send transfer.
I got balance of an account using @onflow/sdk-account.
But it is very difficult to get some instruction.
I already did following code snippet but it tells that it is only for brower.
import * as fcl from “@onflow/fcl”
import { template as transferTokens } from “@onflow/six-transfer-tokens”

fcl.config().put("accessNode", "http://localhost:8080");

const response = await fcl.send([
        proposer: fcl.currentUser().authorization,
        authorization: fcl.currentUser().authorization,     
        payer: fcl.currentUser().authorization,             
        amount: "123.456",                                    // Amount as a String representing a Cadence UFix64
        to: "0xABC123DEF456"                                  // The Address of the Account to transfer tokens to.

I would like to develop node-app.
I hope to get some help from community and developers on Flow.