How can we do stress testing properly with Flow?


We are currently developing a web3 project using Flow as our blockchain layer, in our business logic we need to handle a large number of resource modification simultaneously, thus we want to stress test the capacity of Flow network to see if it can handle these transactions rapidly enough.

Therefore, we are wondering:

  • What is the great practice to carry out stress testing on testnet?
  • According to How much stress testing I can do with flow? - #3 by pete, we are only able to run small tests of ~10TPS on testnet, therefore, we would like to learn about the details of how to configure the emulator properly to simulate real network latency as well so that we could test with even more than 1000TPS?

We would absolutely appreciate any advice from the community!

Best regards.

Probably you need localnet setup.

Thank you for your response!

So generally the localnet provides the same or at least really similar Flow network condition (e.g. block delay) as testnet, is that right? Or else, what is the difference between emulator and localnet?

Localnet has each node type, basically very similar to testnet/mainnet.

Emulator is just emulating, so not similar to real thing when load testing.