Programming on Cadence

Good afternoon. Are there other options for creating smart contracts, making transactions and creating NFTs other than Flow Playground? Or Playground was created not only for educational purposes?
Thank you for your reply!

Hey and welcome! The playground emulates the Flow blockchain and only really used for trying out and learning Cadence. If you want to create smart contracts, make transactions and create NFTs on the actual blockchain, then you need to start developing outside the playground! The best way to do this is either using a local emulator or on testnet. The recommended way to approach this is using the Flow CLI and spin up a local emulator. Initially you’ll be developing locally, and when you feel your smart contract is ready, you can deploy it to testnet with a simple command. Once testing is complete, then you can submit your contract for mainnet approval.

Here’s an example app that allows you to try out both testnet as well as local development:

For a more fully fledged example, try out Kitty Items: