Testnet Etiquette?

Hello folks, Mark here from Equilibrium. We’re working on a Cadence project and are building our CI/CD flow to include smoke testing on testnet.

What we’re wondering is - what is the proper etiquette, if any, with regards to deploying contracts and creating accounts on testnet? We obviously don’t want to flood the system: our target is a handful of upgradable contracts with new accounts generated for each test run. Is that reasonable?

If not, we’re happy to follow any provided guidance :slight_smile:

I would recommend defaulting to using the emulator for any automated testing you have to do unless absolutely necessary. We usually recommend that teams use testnet for testing staging apps and such. Testnet can probably handle whatever you are trying to do, but you’ll probably be rate limited if it gets too crazy and testnet is just a bit more complex than the emulator anyway.

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