Hello everyone!

My name is Ville Sundell, and I am a smart contract developer from Finland. Being in the smart contract space since Bitcoin’s Script, stumbled upon Ethereum in 2015, and published my first contract on Mainnet in 2016, and started to develop EOSIO smart contracts in the spring 2018. Have been playing with Move(VM) since summer 2019 (Commits · diem/diem · GitHub). Got interested in Flow this fall because of the planned use of the Move Virtual Machine, and currently studying Cadence. Have been working full time with smart contracts since spring 2017, and currently doing auditing in addition to freelance development.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn: Ville Sundell - Solarius Solutions | LinkedIn :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community @Solarius! What kind of smart contracts are you interesting in working on and what excites you most about Cadence?

Thank you @flowjosh :slightly_smiling_face: Well, I am most interested in the resource based model (shared with Diem/Move), and its possibilities. And interested to study and better understand Cadence’s approach to it :slightly_smiling_face: (ready to use Cadence with Move development, if proven feasible)