Following quickstart, I dont see the app

I have installed the flow app using ‘npm run dev’ in the quickstart quide. it says ready. but i dont see it anywhere. im a programming newb. the terminal is just blinking now and doesnt allow me to type.
it looks like it was successful? where is it? thank you
ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3000
event - compiled client and server successfully in 1297 ms (124 modules)

edit: i dont have FCL, nor do i have a node running. Do i need both of these things first?

Yup, it’s successful :slight_smile:

Open your browser and go to localhost:3000 on your browser! The other actions you should do on the browser or in your code editor, as the FCL quickstart runs on Testnet so you don’t need a local emulator.

If you want a quickstart example that enables you to toggle between testnet development as well as local development (with the emulator and flow cli) then check this one out:

Happy building!