Transfer flow from one account to another using code

can somebody provide me code snippet to transfer flow from one account to another using cadence, I will use it from go SDK. I have tried to use below code but not able to succeed
template := `
// Transfer Tokens

	//import FungibleToken from ee82856bf20e2aa6
	import FlowToken from 0ae53cb6e3f42a79

	// This transaction is a template for a transaction that
	// could be used by anyone to send tokens to another account
	// that owns a Vault
	transaction {

	// Temporary Vault object that holds the balance that is being transferred
	var temporaryVault: @FungibleToken.Vault

	prepare(acct: AuthAccount) {
		// withdraw tokens from your vault by borrowing a reference to it
		// and calling the withdraw function with that reference
		let vaultRef = acct.borrow<&FungibleToken.Vault>(from: /storage/flowTokenVault)
			?? panic("Could not borrow a reference to the owner's vault")
		self.temporaryVault <- vaultRef.withdraw(amount: 10.0)

	execute {
		// get the recipient's public account object
		let recipient = getAccount(0x%s)

		// get the recipient's Receiver reference to their Vault
		// by borrowing the reference from the public capability
		let receiverRef = recipient.getCapability(/public/flowTokenReceiver)
						?? panic("Could not borrow a reference to the receiver")

		// deposit your tokens to their Vault
		receiverRef.deposit(from: <-self.temporaryVault)

		log("Transfer succeeded!")

Hey - check out this solution here: MainNet Restrictions - Building Custodial Wallet and Services - #14 by qvvg

Hopefully this helps - if you have questions please feel free to ask!