Can't Create Account on Flow Port (Ledger Nano X)

Good Afternoon!

I’m new to Flow Port and experiencing some issues creating an account. I have my Ledger Nano X, fully updated, with a fully updated FLOW app installed. I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, FireFox and I get as a far as “Please wait a few moments. The account creation request is being processed.” where it then abruptly closes the pop-up, and does not prompt me for any additional steps, or continue the process. It then returns me to the sign in/sign up page.

I’ve done the troubleshooting steps that pop up, like unplugging, restarting, disabling the USB flag etc.

Looking for any assistance!
Thank you!

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Hi Nyhilest,

Please feel free to try to create an account again on Flow Port using your Ledger device.

I believe things will work smoothly now, but please follow up here if you continue to experience issues creating an account.


Same problem on different computers: mac, win10… Any solution?

I’m having this issue - is there a resolution?