Access and Execution node operator upgrade to v0.33.14

Hello Access and Execution node operator,

It has been observed that the libp2p DHT library included in the Access and Execution node software sometimes causes a Go routine leak as described here.

A new docker image has been published for the Access node and Execution node which contains an upgrade to the libp2p DHT library and resolves the issue.

Please upgrade your Access and Execution node to v0.33.14 or alternatively, v0.33.14-without-netgo-without-adx or v0.33.14-without-adx or v0.33.14-arm as per your hardware.

Do not delete the data folder.

This upgrade is not urgent but if you are observing a go routine leak, then please upgrade immediately.

No action is required for any other node type.

Thank you,
Flow Foundation

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