Upgrade coming to the Randomness History Smart contract

The Flow team has a tentative plan to upgrade the epoch smart contracts on mainnet on April 22nd. This is an upgrade that will not break any smart contracts or node software, and will fix an issue where past randomness sources rarely fail to get recorded. More details in the Github issue.
This upgrade is not a security fix, it improves the way to query the randomness history:

  • it makes sure the source of randomness generated at a block h is available at queries with the same block height h.
  • it fills any occasional gaps in the history with sources derived from a future entropy.

Expected dates to get the changes in effect is as follows:

  • Testnet: Wednesday, April 17th

And assuming that the upgrade on testnet goes well,

  • Mainnet: Wednesday, April 22nd 24th

The change to RandomBeaconHistory contract that will be used for the upgrade can be found in this pull request . The fix is documented in the PR.

Note - We are open to changing the timeline if feedback is provided on the suggested change.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please ask in the PR comments, on Discord in the #protocol-builders channel, or reply here.

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The RandomBeaconHistory contract has been upgraded on testnet at 8c5303eaa26202d6

TX: Flowdiver | 098fb...38252 Transaction Information


The RandomBeaconHistory contract was updated on mainnet at account 0xe467b9dd11fa00df

TX: https://www.flowdiver.io/tx/a98e290fa22979a2ea8566af79e30e8aca332548ea8a971598fa2b29966f64fe