Unable to install flow-go-sdk on Macbook M1

I was trying to install flow-go-sdk on my new Macbook M1.
I got this error related to "cannot find package github.com/fxamacker/cbor/v2, I checked out the packages installed in my GOPATH/src/github.com and v2 sure was not in fxamacker package. I tried to do go get -ugithub.com/fxamacker/cbor/v2 but the same error happened.

My GO version is go1.16.15 darwin/arm64. I tried both installed the binary from GO website and with brew, however, neither works for me.


Hi @x258456753951 please fill a new issue in the flow-go-sdk repository with all this information https://github.com/onflow/flow-go-sdk/issues/new?title=Unable+to+install+on+Macbook+M1&body=cannot+find+package+cborv2.
Thank you :pray: